Bulldogs News · Bulldogs’ Boys Soccer Sectional Action Begin Tuesday (at Edgewood HS)

Bulldogs’ Boys Soccer Sectional Action Begin Tuesday (at Edgewood HS)


Tuesday October 8, 2019

Monrovia vs. West Vigo (5:30 PM)

at Edgewood HS 

601 Edgewood Dr.
Ellettsville, IN




Single Session Ticket- $6.00 (includes both games played during a session)

Season Ticket- $10.00

There is no charge for pre-school children.


Home Team:  The second team named in each bracket will be home and wear dark colored uniforms. They will have their choice of benches unless Edgewood is playing; they will always have their home bench, which is located on the south end of soccer field.


Time Schedule:

Tuesday & Wednesday

4:30 PMGates Open

4:45 PMWarm-Ups

5:25 PMIntroduction of Starters and National Anthem


Second Game: 20 minutes after first game has been completed.


Championship Game:

1:00 Gates Open

1:15 Warm-ups

1:55 PMIntroduction of Starters and National Anthem

2:00 PM Kick Off


There are no locker rooms for teams. Teams should come dressed.


Restrictions: Balloons, banners, and or posters, etc. are not permitted. Cowbells and other such noise devices shakers on sticks, signs etc. are not permitted. Edgewood administration asks that each school administration monitors fans and keep them off the field at all times. No fans are allowed on the field after the game.


Other Important Information:

All team buses will unload and enter by the Tennis Courts (main soccer entrance). Buses should then park on the north side of the soccer complex (in gravel parking area). Bus drivers will not need a ticket. Fans may enter at this gate only.

Players wanting to watch on nights not playing should identify themselves and show their school I.D. and we will keep track with a program.


The Edgewood Sectional winner will play at the Heritage Hills Regional on Oct. 19.