Bulldogs News · Requirements & Expectations for Monrovia Student-Athletes (beginning on July 6th)

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Monrovia Athletics’ workouts are scheduled to begin on July 6th. There will be guidelines for all student-athletes, coaches, teams and parents to follow. Please be patient as we implement these guidelines into our workouts and practices.

Requirements for Athletes:

  1. Any student athlete that is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 (cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath, sore throat and new loss of smell) they are not allowed to attend workouts.
  2. IHSAA Physical
    1. The IHSAA is allowing physicals from last year (2019-20) to be valid for this year (2020-21). All physicals must be on file with the Monrovia Athletic Office. Any Middle School students that had a valid IHSAA physical on file with the Monrovia Athletic Office in 2019-20, it will also be good for the 2020-21 seasons. If a student did not have get a physical (on an IHSAA physical form), he/she will need to do so before they can attend summer work outs or practices.
      🔗 IHSAA Physical Form
  3. Online Paperwork (Rank One)
    1. The online paperwork from the 2019-20 school year is NOT valid for the 2020-21 school year. Students and parents will need to go to the Monrovia Athletics Rank One Website (Login or create an account, using the student-athletes lunch id #) and sign their forms digitally. All Rank One Forms must be completed before student-athletes can attend summer work outs or practices on July 6th.
      🔗 Monrovia Rank One Forms 
    2. If a student is “Red in Rank One” they will be sent home. They cannot attend a work out or practice unless all forms are complete. All students must be “Green in Rank One”.
    3. If you have questions as to why you are Red after the forms are signed please contact your coach first. If it is still unclear as to why you are Red,
      contact Athletic Secretary, Shawn Swopes (sswopes@m-gsd.org)                                       or Athletic Director, Todd Evers (tevers@m-gd.org)
  4. Hydration
    1. We will NOT provide water/ice for during work outs from (July 6th-19th).
    2. Each student will have to bring their own water bottle/thermos and will not be allowed to share with anyone else.
  5. Patience and Accountability
    1. There are new procedures for coaches and students to work through as we return to athletics this summer so Please Be Patient and Understanding
    2. Attention to detail is vital to limit exposure.  Please be accountable


Expectations for Athletes:

  1. Screening
    1. Each Student-Athlete will be screened, individually by a member of their coaching staff (via Google Forms). During this screening process, infrared temperature checks may be taken if a student reveals that he/she has had recent symptoms.
      1. If a student shows signs/symptoms during the screening process, they will be sent home.
      2. All teams will have specific instructions on where each athlete needs to enter.  Coaches will be sending out information about the workouts.
      3. Sports Medicine professionals may be asked to check student-athletes’ temperatures. If a student has 100º temperature or greater, they will be sent home.
  2.  Groups
    1. Each team will have student athletes in groups with a coach. That will be their group and coach for the each and every workout. These groups may begin to grow larger as we advance into further phases.
    2. In Phase I, Fall Sports Groups cannot participate with Winter Sports Groups.
  3. Sanitation
    1. Each Group will have access to hand sanitizer and coaches/staff will be required to wipe down equipment before and after each session.
  4. Restrooms
    1. Only certain restrooms will be available for use (to isolate the cleaning process) and will be cleaned/sanitized before/after each work out session or practice.
  5. Social Distancing
    1. Each Student athlete should practice social distancing with in their group
    2. Physical contact is not allowed in Phase I
  6. Face Masks
    1. Coaches and Student Athletes are strongly recommended to bring facemasks with them for work outs.
    2. Facemasks/Coverings should be used if social distancing cannot be maintained
    3. Facemasks/Coverings will not be required during the work outs, as long as social distancing is maintained.
    4. Facemasks/Coverings will most likely be required for all bus rides to games/off-site practices.
  7. Pick-up/Drop-off
    1. Student Athletes should be dropped off at the nearest point of their team’s work out location (already wearing athletic attire) and parents/guardians are not allowed to stay on campus at this time.
    2. Student-athletes that drive themselves to school/work outs should park their vehicle in the parking lot (already wearing athletic attire) and immediately enter their practice facility. The goal is that we don’t have groups of people congregating in the parking lot before/after practice.
    3. Student-Athletics must leave immediately after their work out and are encouraged to shower and wash their workout clothes.
    4. Please be respectful of other student-athletes, coaches and parents personal space. We don’t want to have groups of people congregating in the parking lot before/after practice.

Centers for Disease Control that highlights:
🔗 CDC – How to prevent the spread of Covid-19

If you have questions, please contact Monrovia Athletic Director, Todd Evers (tevers@m-gsd.org)

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