Bulldogs News · Monrovia Athletics – Mask Policy

With Governor Holcomb’s recent announcement of the state-wide mask mandate, the Monrovia Athletic Department is required to put the following Mask Policy in place, beginning on Monday July 27th.

Masks MUST be worn by coaches and athletes when:

▪️ arriving at and leaving school buildings

▪️attending team meetings that take place before, after, and during practices

▪️not actively participating in practice/workouts (sidelines, bench, waiting in line for a drill, etc.)

▫️Masks may be removed when actively participating in strenuous activity (practice, workouts, games)

▫️Masks may be removed during hydration breaks

▫️Proper social distancing should continue to be practiced, when possible. There will be many questions regarding masks as we get closer to the start of the Fall season and we will try to answer them and give our best explanations. Please be patient as we implement these new policies.

▫️Gaiters, face shields or buffs are recommended for athletes as they are the easiest to remove and re-cover  during activities

▫️Athletes, please continue to do your best to comply so that we can have a 2020-21 sports season.

Go Dawgs