Nichols Insurance Athlete of the Week

                  Date:                                                 Athlete of the Week:

August 14th – August 19th                                         Ally Grimes
August 21st – August 26th                         Eli McCrary and Madison Payne
August 28th – September 2nd                            Grace Faulkenberg
September 4th – September 9th                                Ben Nagel
September 11th – September 16th                         Tristen Catellier
September 18th – September 23rd                           Emily Hodge
September 25th – September 30th                           Clay Whitney
October 2nd – October 7th                                       Jordan Goodman
October 30th – November 4th                                  Madison Payne
November 6th – November 11th                             Makayla Swafford
November 13th – November 18th        Ben Dalton, Brycen Denny, Riley McCubbins
November 27th – December 2nd                                 Max Newman
December 4th – December 9th                                   Madison Payne
December 11th – December 16th                                   Riley Sears
January 1st – January 6th                                             Brycen Denny
January 8th – January 13th                           Maison Hadley and Ethan Clements
January 15th – January 20th                                      Selina Clements
January 22nd – January 27th                                        Austin Clark
February 12th – February 17th                       Brycen Denny and Riley McCubbins
April 2nd – April 7th                                                 Hunter Wray and Leah Craig
April 9th – April 14th                                                     Jeren Maxwell
April 16th – April 21st                                                    Madison Wood
April 30th – May 5th                                            Ben Nagel and Madison Payne
May 7th – May 12th                                                          Mazie Manley